Wednesday, February 09, 2011

GameBlog Knicks vs Clippers 2/9/2011

Well, didn't get to the game until 7:45pm, so a little late, but it's a 12-12 game with 7:44 left in the 1st.

*7:50pm - Looks like the Knicks are making the extra effort to get Mozgov the ball. Are they trying to get him to forget what Blake did to him last time?

*7:52pm: Davis with an alley-oop to De'Andre Jordan, followed by a Stoudemire jumper, then a Griffin dunk. Somewhere out there, Bill Simmons is giving a spinning pump fist.

*7:53pm: Stoudemire down, and everyone fears the worst. Just a turned ankle, everyone breathes a huhge sigh of relief... might not be back tonight though. Gallo time

*7:55pm: STAT still in the game, and thank goodness its not Gallo time, as he just blew two layups, then dribbled off his foot.

*8:03pm: In a game of dunks, Shawne Williams just had an alley-oop.... layup.

8:19pm: I give up. The Knicks offensive approach is horrible. Just 3, after 3, after 3... all bricks. And Stat has been out of the game almost the whole 2nd quarter. Not a good sign...


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This isn't pickenboogers.blogspot...

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