Saturday, December 18, 2004

And then there was one....

So when the Fine Print first added the talents of Blue Eagle 3 and White Dragon, I was prepared to take over the world and be the 2004 version of:

These Guys

Instead, they've abandoned my ass, and I've become like this man: (A Man who does not exist!)


Yes! I finally realized that it would be better if all the links turned up on ONE seperate page, than all opening up a new page. Go Me!

Anyway, back to normal... I STILL can't believe they turned this into a musical!

So, I was looking around the other day, and saw this actual profile. Look at "her" interests, and please give me the names of all 860 of "her" male friends, so I can slap the shit out of them for being that gullible. (So yeah... the link no longer works, as myspace caught on that there was no way that was a real person. Basically, the interests of the chick were "cock, balls, sex, giving head, being a slut." There were about 860 male believers, trying to get with her. What the hell? Who would ever think that's real? LOL)

By now, everyone knows about the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Well now here' proof: The Oracle of Bacon

So this week has been hell, as the Mets sign the tired, right arm of Pedro Martinez to a 4 year deal, while Oakland trades away Tim hudson and Mark Mulder for C-R-A-P! Don't even get me started on the JKidd-Vinsanity marriage.

Jason Alexander will always be George Costanza to me... and he should thank his lucky stars. I'd hate to know him as the McDonald's douche bag. (This is the best video I've ever had. You MUST watch!)

And finally.... what would a blog entry be without a clip from whatever movie I happened to like this week: "Looks like we got ourselves a bilingual bloodfest"

I've really got nothing this week. Sorry guys... I think I'll take the rest of the month off to replenish my ideas. Have some happy holidays, yall!

On edit: Damn... I'm an idiot... I forgot a picture of the Miami Girls (Jenny & her "posse). I didn't have a picture of them all together... so here they are split up. MG 1 MG 2

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