Saturday, December 11, 2004

"Remember He... Used To Drive That Champagne Range"

(Man... he looks just like my San Andreas character!)

You know what I realized this week? Will Smith is probably the luckiest bastard ever! Somehow he made it from this:

to this:

which led to this, this and this:

Unfortunately, then came "Wild, Wild West", "The Legend of Bagger Vance", "I, Robot", and now Hitch (Sigh....)

Ahh.... two new movie trailers for you to watch: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Be Cool (This trailer came out Friday... and now there's NO DOUBT in my mind that it will be good.)

And Jay-z keeps movin on up. I really didn't see that one coming . Speaking of S-dot, I finally saw "Fade To Black" this week. It's actually one of the first concert/behind the scene movie that I've enjoyed. I came out respecting Jay-Z a lil bit more... (And Memph Bleek a lil bit less)

Jeezus... with this gay-ass trailer it's a wonder anyone went to see this movie at all. (But thank god I did... or else I wouldn't know the wattage of a bolt of lightning)

This gets the "What the fuckin fuck?" distinction. (Yeah, that's two fucks)

What ever happened to the "Problem Child" kid?

I have now seen everything... David Wells is on the Red Sox.
And since we're talking Red Sox... can someone please tell me how this picture actually made it into the Commemorative "Red Sox - 2004 Champions" Sports Illustrated Book? Do they think I wanna see Manny like that?

And finally, I now understand why I was fired last year.

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