Monday, December 06, 2004

"Never Been To Sesame Street, But I Flip A Big Bird..."

Sorry for the delay in posting, but last week had a hellish start as I had minor head trauma... which I am still recovering from. But don't fret, I will never let my whole 2 readers down.

So I'm dying to see Be Cool, the sequel to Get Shorty. I've heard from some people who have seen the screening, and Vince Vaughn is hilarious... but not as funny as the Rock and the return of the People's eyebrow. Apparently, his character is a musician who is trying to get famous by arching his eyebrow. As if anyone else could play the role? Here's an excerpt from a review of the screening:

"The real star of the film though is The Rock, who steals every single scene he's in. Every one. If there's one reason to see this movie, it's to see The Rock perform a scene from "BRING IT ON". The Rock. Bring It On. Combined. There's also a running gag about how he produced a demo-video of him singing a country-western tune and ... wooo... it's a doozy. If only a producer could get The Rock into a real starring vehicle. The guy has it. "

I'm down with the mini-fro, .... seeing the poster at the theatre, I couldn't help but be laugh.

Ahhh, Camron is back from the pink side of town with some Purple Haze. The album is what it is... which is not saying much since Camron is the artist who started his career by just making up words so his lines could rhyme . He know's no one respected him after that, right? I mean... besides Dipset (his "homies") and lil white boys who want to be a part of ANY set, does anyone like him? Listen to these retarded lines.
Yeah, I didn't think so.

UNBELIEVABLE (Who the hell thought of this, and when does the traveling company come to FL) Wow... just unbelievable

Holy Shit! Popeye was the most racist cartoon ever!

I love the fact that the only non-Knick whose jersey I've ever wanted is BUSTIN ASS this year. I mean.. he was bustin ass before, but he is REALLY bustin ass this year.

Don't you hate when you have to endure a horrible movie, cuz you went with a female friend? Yeah... I had to see Christmas with the Kranks , which might explain how I got head trauma.

As if the original wasn't weird enough... (Look at his hands! WTF?)

Didn't Avril Lavigne say she would never do shit like this? Hmmmmmmm

Yeah, the only good thing about this movie is gonna be the names they come up with. When you say your name is Bobby O'Shea or Chuck Schwartz.... what does that say about you?

Btw, Will Ferrell will have a small role in that film, but thatdid you know that he's not really playing Darrin, in the Bewitched movie? He's actualy playing a guy, who's playing Darrin, in a tv show called Bewitched. Weird remake concept.

Man... The Sport's Guy has really gotten less funny, lately. He used to be great. Look at this from his mailbag in 2001:

"Q. I think that the word "ensuing" is only used after the word "kickoff." It's not often you hear this word used anywhere else. One doesn't say, "After the ensuing dinner, I had some cake." Does the word "ensue" even exist, and if so, when has it ever been used. I feel that this word can only be used in a) gerund form, and b) immediately preceeding the word kickoff. --Justin Singer, Florida

A. I feel the same way about the word "ejaculate." The Webster's definition is "to eject from a living body," yet you never hear somebody say, "Remember the time Roberto Alomar ejaculated that saliva on John Hirshbeck?" or "Was anything grosser than the time Clint Malarchuk had his jugular vein sliced by a skate and ejaculated blood all over the ice?" The word "ejaculate" is only used for specific circumstances ... and I think we know what those circumstances are. If you ever hear the term "ensuing ejaculation," start running."

Ok... i've got nothing this week, it's sad. So I will now leave you with this:


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