Sunday, January 16, 2005

Vocabulary's Necessary, When Digging Into My Library

(Click to hear a clip)

My favorite baseball video game just got waaaaaay better. Plus... the cover is great too.

Ouch! (Too bad that whole thing was staged by the Wiz)

There is no way in hell that this is real.

Talk about a quick trigger. Goddamn!

Another Borat sighting (Not the singing the National Anthem story)

This man is absolutely right to say "No" to that shit. (Mmmm, Mmmm bitch! Read that article!)

Ok... so I feel totally left out, because everyone else's blog has done a Best of 2004 list for something or another. So now, waaaaaaaay late, here's mine:

The Best of 2004

Best R. Kelly song in which he turns a woman into an object:
"Feeling You In Stereo" - Best Of Both Worlds:Unfinished Business
- So after hits like "You Remind Me" and "Ignition", you just knew R. was due for another song. And he doesn't disappoint with "Feeling You In Stereo". Look at these lyrics

Best Cameo in each others movies by either Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, or Vince Vaughn"
Ben Stiller as Spanish Language News Anchor - "Anchorman" ( Link )
I mean... a blind person could see that cameo coming, but I wasn't expecting the Mexican angle. Bravo... Bravo

Best lip sync by someone pretending to be a music artist:
Eminem performing "Mosh" - Saturday Night Live ( Link )
You thought this was going to Ashlee Simpson didn't you? While her SNL gaffe was widely talked about... this asshole did the same thing, THE VERY NEXT SATURDAY! I'm tired of hearing people praising his ass. He has a fuckin Grammy nomination for "Just Lose It"! That alone should have him blackballed by the industry. Ughhhhhhhh

Best person that should not be famous:
M. Night Shyamalan - The Village ( Link )
The "Sixth Sense" was how many years ago, people? We should not be thinking this guy makes good movies anymore. No one should be excited to see one. He should not get any play on E!. Trust me... this was not one of those movies where I was expecting to be scared. But the fact that I guessed the ending 25 minutes in... just shows how predictable he's become.

Best person who should not be getting as close to famous as he is already getting:
Guerilla Black - Guerilla City ( Link)
I can't stand gimmicks. If you can't get here on your own.... you don't deserve to be here, nuff said!

And finally...

Stupidest stunt done by a minority so white people can say "See, I knew these people can't control themselves" :
The Vibe Awards Stabbing ( Link )
You know... white people were starting to like Dre.... and then this shit had to happen. You know... hip-hop is never going to be respected as long as these ignorant fucks are happy with being so ignorant. I hate how true the saying "Ignorance is bliss" is.

Ok, now that that crappy ass list is over, here's one last link.

Even after Beltran, the Mets get no respect. (Funny as hell , though)

Late Addition: Best Music Video by some douche bag with no talent

3 points about this video:

1.) I wish the 80's aerobics trend was back

2.) This is the best video for a song with only 3 words, EVER

3.) I have no clue who sings this song, btw

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