Sunday, January 23, 2005

I put the chrome in ya cara, Adios to Manana!

How did I just notice this today?

First things, first... I have to correct an error from last week. I must admit, I had some help in my Best of 2004 list. White Dragon returned from his 5 month observation of the unclean p√ľnt in Costa Rica and Mexico, and came up with two of the categories. So finally... one of my minions pulled his weight around here. Now back to business as usual.

By now... you all should have seen Finding Forrester with Sean Connery, at least once. It's a good movie. Regardless... there is one horribly awkward line in the movie, and it has now immortal internet status. Say What?
From that site, was born, which let's you recreate your own page in the same fashion. Thinking it would be funny, I went there to make a Rocky 4 reference. The problem with that site is... none of the friggin things work after about two views. So now I had to go and make the shit on my own. (Annoying, but strangely fun to make)

Can this really be done? Wait... can they really stretch this out to 13 episodes? I'm talking about Spaceballs TAS, of course.

There wont be any videos, edited by yours truly, this week, because I ran out of space at (media storage). If anyone knows a good site online to store videos, please leave a comment in the comment box. Thanx

The local news continues to supply funny ass video clips.

Apparently, there's a big-ass blizzard going on up North. Makes me feel kinda bad that I wore a short-sleeve "Brooklyn" T-shirt all day today.

Come one, come all (You will all thank me later.)

Nerds who will turn their children into nerds (I feel like I'm too old to be calling people nerds)

And this is why our President is a genius. He comes up with the most creative nicknames. (I wish I had a sarcasm meter because it's waaaay up there.)

One of the worst photoshopped/internet-used picture I've ever seen. I laughed... and then I felt so so wrong.

Certified Gangsta (but not in that Dipset {aka Karamo} way)

So... after an 0-11 season, UCF decides to start next season off like they finished last, giving Steve Spurrier his first win as a Cock. (Well, that might not be true, since he's always been a dick)

I've seen this somewhere else before.. but it really makes me laugh. His voice going from "Sorry, I'm about to end this" to "Gggaaahhh" kills me.

I don't really think the clip is that funny... but this is what American Idol looks like in England.

Ok.... I'm out. Jenny, this is for you: A better pic of the Miami Girls

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