Wednesday, February 16, 2005

"...And That's Why You Always Leave A Note!"

I love when either of these guys are on Conan

Remember my Super Bowl Memories? Well here they are in video form.

If Arrested Development gets canned, I will go to Fox and personally slaughter every idiot who approved cancelling this and My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss to keep around Trading Spouses.

Tom Sizemore gets busted by his PO for using a Whizzinator. (Here's a pic) I knew he was on something again the day he agreed to wear that wig in the Pete Rose movie.

Another reason to hate women. (The best part of course, is the hiding spot)

This is a GREAT video clip. (I just really like the guy's reaction afterwards) Try to repeat that shit by playing the game.

Here's the real reason why we should all aspire to win a Grammy or two.

Where did my love for the NBA go? Is it the Knicks sucking, or is it the nauseous feeling that I get from Alonzo Mourning being on the Heat again? The love is lost... :(

Oh wait... I found it!!!!! (You know you loved something when you actually watch a half hour of a John Tesh concert on PBS, just to catch it.)

Nope... nope... I lost it again. (I hate Nelly)

You know baseball season is starting again, because this wonderful webpage gets about 50 hits a day from the DPJ, all by himself. It's pathetic of me, really.

Is anything funnier than this whole Corey Feldman twist in the Michael Jackson trial? It's like he said to the D.A., "Wait, wait. That's considered molestation? Holy shit. Let me unrepress all these memories, and I'll get back to ya later."

I will now light myself on fire for liking the Ying Yang Twins' song, "Wait". I feel so dirty south'ish. Ughhhhhh (I like the radio version way better than the album one though. The album version is just too damn ghetto.)

Hip-hop beefs have just hit a new low. And it's really, really low.

I guess the sadistic side of me wanted Kanye to be shut out of the Grammy's just to see him flip out. Oh well, congrats anyway. Here's his speech. (Links dead due t so much traffic... check again in a few days)

Ok, kiddies, I'm out. Before I go, I'm sure you guys noticed the new link on the side to the Cell Phone Forum. If you signup and go to the ringtone forum, you can actually request any song to be made into a ringtone. There are some talented guys there, so try t out. You can't lose. I'll be back to post again before the week is over, so be on the lookout.
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