Sunday, February 06, 2005

Oh My He's On Fire

This was Super Bowl Sunday

(Damn I was kickin ass)

Awwwww, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson love each other so much.

And 50 Cent is really startin to get on my nerves. Not only do I HATE Disco Inferno, but dude just can't stop hating people. Get the hell over it, nucca!

Speaking of rappers, you know what I think was one of the defining moments of B.I.G.'s greatness? It was on the "Get Money" track. Dude was able to change "Tattoo on tittie saying B-I-G, to... "Tattoo on tata saying Big Poppa"! It's not anything super, but I've always loved it.

I plan on renting this ASAP, by the way: The MC: Why We Do It (Check out the trailer)

There are three things I liked about the Super Bowl:

1.) P. Diddy's Diet Pepsi commercial - I know how it is man... everyone be jockin our style. Plus, "X to the Z" pimped his shit! (Props to Pickin Boogers too. I know everyone be stealing "Karamo" from him. That shit is spreadin like wildfire up here in Otown)

2.) Nikki Capelli and her amazing gazongas. (That's the full length commercial not shown on tv. Be nice and love it like I do.)
I'm not even a breast guy... but she just made me say "gozangas". Now that's power.

3.) And finally, all of the Patriots who got to do the T.O. end zone dance. Muahhahahahahaahahahaha. Btw... did anyone see Freddie Mitchell? Call his mama!

Ok, so I have this theory that at least 50% of the U.S. population was either forced to church by their parents when they were young, or forced into Christian School because their parents thought they were devil children. The other 50% are Jewish. (just kidding) Well for that 50 percent who know what it's like to see Christians try too hard to be cool with the "secular world", I give you the greatest video link ever! (HUMONGOUS shout out to White Dragon for comin thru with this link. Fine-Print is the shit, nigga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

This story is just odd. Old broads suck.

Yes... I'm OG. Though not yet available in the good ol USA... I DO have a moan tone. (Which I made on my own, months ago... and btw.. WTF is up with her face in that picture? Where's the Jenna from "Private Parts"?)

All right... the girlfirend is over and is telling me to stop being a computer nerd... so I'm out. As my boy Kurt Angle would say, "It's true... oh it's true!"

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