Saturday, June 18, 2005

You suckas riding my flow like I'm your training wheels...

My Favorite Crackhead....
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Has anyone seen Lil Bow Wow's new video? This boy thinks he's grown. He tried to put muscles on his tiny frame, and he just looks weird. You'll see it everytime they show him in the black wifebeater. Muahahahahah I hate all those young fuckers, btw.

This man was SOFT as hell on the court... but now he can box? WTF?

I remember playing baseball in Junior High against these fuckers. I knew back then that they were nothing but a bunch of pussies! God... I wonder which kid cried to mommy about that?

Sticking with the highschool theme, I swear to God, I wish I went to a high school, where the trainer was a 22 yr old FEMALE! Instead, I had to tape my knee together on my OWN! This is one lucky MFer

Some funny ass video, courtesy of Pickin Boogers(He's on the links): In the case of little baby Bobo, Jeffrey, you ARE NOT the father! (also check out the "10 year old fails at life" link on the side of that page. That's one of the best vids ever!)

More proof that these two are phonier than Alexander Graham Bell: Gayboy Tom & Dawson's Ex (Wow... that was pretty damn corny)

I saw Batman Begins, and absolutely love that fuckin movie. I never thought I could like that guy after his, "Homeboy got rhythm" line in Shaft, but damnit... it was good. Can't wait til the sequel. BTW, Liam Neeson was gangsta in the beginning

Finally, as you can see, there is a new look here @ The Fine Print. Basically, it was inspired by the Junior Mafia song you heard when the page first loaded. Listen to Biggie's verse (about 40 seconds in) and it will tell you all you need to know about how great he is. The only thing out-of date in that whole verse, was his mention of Sega Genesis. He killed it!

Ok... I'm done. Peace


Randy said...

Nice new layout, Johnny-boy. When are you gonna do mine for me?

Joe Pesci's Retirement said...

Be more than a man, DPJ. Be a legend.

Josh said...

I can't believe you found that shit about Gulliver. I tried to erase the embarassing memories of that Jr. High baseball season, but you brought them all back and now I am going to kill myself.

Anonymous said...

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