Tuesday, September 28, 2004

"How you gonna act like you wit me, then not be wit me?"

As Flavor Flav has found out,women are fuckin sluts! ... But if you want to get some ass, you assholes have just got to deal with it. With that said.... let's see whats goin on this week.

Kobe Bryant has a fetish. He likes to jizz all up in yo face. Don't believe me? Read it yourself in the UNCENSORED POLICE INTERVIEW.

I know you guys have seen Mac's Mug shot, but what about this one, or this one... or how about my two personal favorites Dipshit 1 and Dipshit 2?

They all look like assholes, but none as much as the not-so-beautiful, Yasmine Bleeth.

Conan's moving on up... to the East side, to a deluxe apartment in the sky! (Damn him if he has to move the show to LA)

Is Jamie Foxx's donger that special? I think not.

When you have this as your cell phone's wallpaper, you're either blessed for the day or going to hell. (Sorry, Jesus)

Paris is at it again, bitches! (You best believe that as soon as I find that shit... it's gonna have a post all to itself.)

People always talk about Barry Bonds and steriods, now I don't think he uses... but here are two interesting pics: 1991 2003

Speaking of baseball... I'm telling you right now, Victor Diaz will be the next Manny Ramirez. (In 3 or 4 years... you'll know I'm right)

Man the last two weeks have been boring as hell. Another Weak-ass hurricane came through and that's about it. Because of that... there's not much else for me to talk about... So I'm out.

PS - Males that watch Everwood are complete fags

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