Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Yeah, I still play the game.... and??????

So here's why I can't vote for Kerry: Yes... No... Wait, Yes... Umm, No... How bout I settle with maybe?

But here's why I can't for Bush: 2 + 2 = 5 (Thanx Pickin Boogers)

It's official, my write-in Vote is going to this guy

Oh and by the way, Pauly Shore is dead.

Yeah, I'm definitely going to hell. Check out the UPDATED cell phone wallpaper

This is why I have to root for the Red Sox this year. Between Manny's finger-point and Pedro's midget... this team is hilarious. Here's a pic of Pedro and his good luck charm. Yes, that is Mahow-Mahow. If you know anything about the Dominican Republic... you better be laughing right now.

You heard it here first, people... Kobe Bryant will be choked to death on Christmas Day by Shaq

Waaaay to much sports this week, but what can I say? These niggas are funny!

Ok, So let me tell you how my posts go. I find something online, and I come and post it here... but I only save it as a draft. When I have enough interesting items, I post it for you all to see. Everything I get from here is something I come across myself. So why am I pissed? Because this week... every fuckin thing I find, was publicized somewhere the next day. I find out about Pauly Shore's movie... the next day he's on the Howard Stern Show. I find out about Pedro and his midget... the next day its on the Sports Guy's Link page. Goddamnit it's frustrating... so that's why this post is so short, I couldn't take another day of that bullshit. Sorry

Just know my shit is tight, fuckers!

The Sulu Dance 6


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