Wednesday, September 15, 2004

"We be the only Big Boys that the big boys watch"

What's up people? This ain't the best post we've ever had, but it's got some good shit.(Alot of videos today) Gotta let all those other weak blogs catch up to The Fine Print. So don't hate, motherfuckas... just laugh. We'll be back stronger than ever next week.

Best of Both Worlds has returned, baby! This time... it's called Best of Both Worlds: Unfinished Business (You can hear two released tracks in the sidebar. "Don't Let Me Die" is gonna be a monster!)

I found out, not on, but while checking out the Hot97 website. But they got some stiff competitiion up there. Power105.1 and Hot97 have been going after each others throat for almost 3 years now. When Hot97 fired the best morning show ever, Star & Bucwild, Power105.1 quickly picked them up, and has them DJing their Hartford, CT affiliate until their original Hot97 contract runs out. That's the sort of shit going on there... So check this out.... now click this:

HATERS! hahahahahahaah

Now that's some funny shit. You actually have to put to get to the Power 105.1 site. Niiiiiiiiiiiiice!

Now where the fuck was this when I needed it before Hurrcane Frances? Dickheads woulda made a fortune!

Many of you have already seen the Borat Soundboard (Thanx PickinBoogers) Now you've got Season 2, bitches!

Best website name dealing with the election:

What if Bush was running against Jesus?

Wow... this is Gay beyond comprehension(like most of our readers) and only one word can describe it: Yatta!

Damn, I just gained a lot of respect for Papa Smurf. He's a dirty ass motherfucker, but Pimperish as hell!

And finally... please stop asking what Bukkake means. Here's the definition. Oh, if you didn't know.... your ass better call somebody!

Mmmmmmmm.... nothing like having some Jungle Fever on a TV show.

Flavor Flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav!

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