Saturday, November 27, 2004

"I Roar When We Do It Raw, Like Tigors" - Ron Artest

(I know how to spell tigers... but that's how he says it)

Knuck Su Cow! Knuck Su Cow! (Ya'll know you like that shit)

So... no one's mad at me that I almost bought this at 7:00 AM, the day after Thanksgiving, right?

So apparently, my Mets met with Pedro Martinez on Thanksgiving a la Boston and Curt Schilling last year. While I think dude's arm is about to fall off and he has nothing left... it would be worth it to see Pedro and Mahow celebrating in Mets uni's.

If you're not watching Arrested Development yet, then you better recognize, damnit! Best thing they did was move it to 8:30, so it couldn't interfere with whatever good HBO show is on at 9:00. My favorite character is Dr. Tobias F√ľnke. Here's a clip. (G.O.B. is a very close second, btw)
Speaking of G.O.B., Will Arnett has also appeared in the Sopranos, and Amy Poehler is his wife in real-life. Strange how the world works.

In other news, Chris Rock is going to host this year's Academy Awards and you can be sure that you won't be hearing this at all. (One of my all-time favs)

So I can't believe the last time I posted was right before the "Ron Artest vs. All of Detroit" saga. I'm sure you guys have heard every detail about that shit.... but who else gives you Mr. Artest's rap debut, from Allure's "I Feel So" track.

Anyway... The biggest tragedy since 9/11 (Sorry if that offends anyone)

I've got 2 announcements to make.
1st: Holy shit.... I actually made Hot Karl's blog-link list. I know it's just courtesy becasue I linked him, but dude doesn't even know... I'm a fan.
2nd: Announcing a new link to the Fine Print library, KC a Jew. Dude's pretty funny if you ask me. Check it out...

Allright... it's been a slow week, being thanksgiving in all... so I'll be back soon, kiddies. Until then....

Keep it dirty,

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