Monday, October 04, 2004

You Can't Beat What You Can't Catch


Yes, NBA Live 2005 is fuckin sick wit it! The Slam Dunk Contest could be a game all to itself. But don't think you have game like me, crackheads.... come talk when you can do the combinations for between the legs twice or a 720° dunk. Then maybe I'll have a lil competition.

Check out Blue Eagle's audition for a role in the new Chuck Norris movie: Motherfucka needs some practice. ( Thanx Ebaum )

Eminem's new song "Just Lose It" is garbage. But I guess that's what you gotta expect from the one white boy with skills, but whose label always makes him write gay songs for pop radio.

Aren't we always happy to see our Grandmama? I know I am

White Dragon's been asking a lot of questions about what puberty will be, so I decided to give him some facts.

Guess who else hates Barry Bonds? Gary Sheffield

And finally.... you gotta hand it to the Asians. They decided that if there's one thing in life we all need to master it should be Mario

(Sorry so short)

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