Sunday, November 07, 2004

It's Been A Long Time, We Shouldn't Have Left You... Left You Without A Dope Beat To Step To

Sorry for the delay. Between work, two tests, and election Tuesday... I had no time. That's where the two other fuckers are supposed to pick up the slack... but they've abandoned ship. What bitches. A lot happened this week, but I'm late on so much of it I don't have much new to say.

So by now, everyone should know about the R. Kelly/Jay-Z story. If you don't heres what happened. Jay-Z was jealous that R. Kelly was making more money on the project. R. Kelly was jealous that fans like Jay-Z more. So they started hating each other. They go on tour anyway, but now R. Kelly finds different excuses to miss some shows because the crowd isn't to his liking. Jay-Z gets pissed and says to get the fuck off the tour. R. Kelly doesn't... so then Jay's man decides to mase him. How Gangsta! (I'm roliing my eyes right now)

Now from one petty beef... to one ridiculously stupid beef.

Eminem vs Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
It all started way back at the 2002 MTV VMA's (Make sure its not pop-up blocked) Well in response... Triumph made a lil clip called 8 Nipples
So now Em has proved himself to be a lil bitchy about the thing.... with a whole song about Triumph in his new album Encore. It's entitled "Ass Like That". Here's A Verse (Yes... unfortunately the whole song is like that)

Moving on...

It's Time for name that tune! What can it be?

Why waste your time, dude? No way ANYONE believes that. MJ with a razor blade? Hahahahahahah!

Click this Link C'mon, do it... do it... do it.

People wonder why I like Veronica from Real World/Road Rules Challenge so much, even though she's a bitch. Well I have 3 reasons: Reason 1 Reason 2 Reason 3 (None safe for work)

So now that the Star Wars Episode III is out... I can't help but htink back to another great Triumph moment. (Now that's Comedy)

The Transexual Golfer.... WOW

So Bush Won, Kerry lost... Now what are you going to do?
Speaking of Bush... after seeing this picture on Pickin Boogers... I had to find this video.

Did you figure out that tune from before? If not... here it is, boi! (Wow... that whole name that tune thing is, by far, the gayest thing I've done on this site)

And for my final act.. let's watch two of the best news reports ever:
News Report #1
News Report #2


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