Sunday, October 31, 2004

A bowl a day, keeps hunger away...

So once wasn't enough. Here comes Carlito's Way: The Prequel! While I love that Luis Guzman is back... too bad there's no Vigo Mortenson. He had the best line ever... "I can't walk, I can't hump. Go ahead and kill me you cocksaaacker!"

Halloween Costumes:
So let's see how retarded each of us look. (This is payback for you two bitches never posting)

Donkey Puncher J - This costume sucks (Not my fault... I had all of 5 minutes to get ready)
Blue Eagle - Wow (I don't even have a comment. There's too many jokes...)
White Dragon - Awww, how cute (Yep... he's 22 and that's really what he looks like)

Ok... moving on....
I am so wrong for linking to this...

If anyone you know actually tunes in to this... Smack 'em.

Can Real World focus anymore on the gay dudes? Jeezus Christ... they wonder why this is the lowest rated Real World yet.

With his bare hands? With his bare hands? This guy's Nuckin Futs!
and from the same site... What the hell does Batman have to do with parental rights?

And finally, aren't late-night local commercials the best? Some guy goes on TV ranting and raving about his store. Well I love it... and so I leave you with one of my favorites: Somehow he educates you while he's selling! (Click the picture)


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