Saturday, August 28, 2004

Friggin Manu Ginobli...

How the fuck did we lose? I mean we invented this game, its our game and we fucking lost to a bunch of cro-magnum looking mother fuckers with uni-brows. Holy shit! I thought black guys were supposed to be good at basketball, shit they play all the time, and we lost to a team with all WHITE guys! Not even white guys from America but from Argentina. Are you kidding me, Argentina! Goddammit I'm so angry that we lost. At least fucking Marbury started to look like himself because I was not looking forward going into a season with Marbury looking as the second coming as Scott Brooks.

Well, now that I got that shit off my chest its time for some fucking hate.

I hate fucking Euro's with patruting foreheads and bad B.O. These fuckers would have no chance beating us if we had some crackers on the team.

I hate fucking squares beacuse they need to learn fucking ENGLISH.

I hate Janet Jackson because if her chocolate tittie didn't come sneaking out, our freedom of speech would still be here.

And finally the most hated thing of the week...... Bush(Not a whore's hairy box) because he's a douche bag that fucked this country up. So vote Kerry bitches and boys.


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