Tuesday, August 31, 2004

My love for you is ticking clock... Berzerker!

(Click the 2 pics.... it's worth it)

Good news bitches, Yes oh yes, Kevin Smith is back in full force. No, not the "Jersey Girl" Kevin Smith, but the "Clerks" Kevin Smith. What do I mean? Well remember when he said Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back would be the last movie with those two characters? Well he lied. Because here comes Clerks II baby!

Oh it's true.... it's true. Here's Kevin Smith talking about it: Oh, it's Damn true

Also in that last link, you see Kev make reference to the Clerks Animated Series also having a movie. To that, I give you this:

In celebration, you can all post your favorite lines from the movie in the comments box. Today is a good day, hoes and manwhores... a very good day.

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