Monday, August 23, 2004

Whatcha gonna do about it?

Listen up fuckers! Donkey Puncher J asked for some reinforcements to make this blog shit funny, so I'm here to save his sorry ass. I'm White Dragon and for all of you cum twats out there White Dragon is when a bitch is done sucking on your donger and you blow your load down her throat. Then when she is not on your dick anymore you karate chop that whore right in the back of the neck, makin it come out her nose like a dragon’s flame… hence the white dragon. Oh yea and make sure you say “Hiya” when you do it.

Well, now that I have introduced myself to all of you its time for some fucking hate.
now here is a list of things that i hate and every week I'm gonna put more shit that i hate so here goes:

I hate fucking tall T's and fucko's that wear them especially white guys they all look like midgets.

I hate white guys that talk black and dress like fucking wigers, they need to look in the mirror and see that they are WHITE. And white is all right to me.

I hate Donkey Puncher J because he sounds like a fucking moron the way he writes this shitty website. Learn how to write you uneducated bastard.

And the most hated thing of the week is Dan Marino just because he is a fuck stick.
I'm out for now bitches and boys

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