Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Oh no he didn't!

So let's set the record straight. That powder scent douche nozzle, White Dragon, begged to be here. And he fuckin LOVES it here. Loves it the way he loves the cock. Just trust me on that one. What you don't think so? Well here's what he looks like: White Dragon

So yeah... Let's see, would I rather drink like a man, get wasted, and bang some dirty little Asian girl, or should I get drunk looking like Teck $ in Van Wilder, sucking on some Penis Pump. What Queers!

You guys wanna know what that "RUBBER DUCKIE" clip from the Howard Stern show is? Here it is... That would have definitely been a good time for a white dragon.

I hate traffic by the way. All these fuckin freshman think they need to drive on campus, even though they live a block away. Nice. Way to congest shit up. It took me 45 minutes to go 5 miles home after class yesterday.

Ok, so Lebron not only goes by "King" James (ughhhhhhhhhh), but now he even has his own Powerade Flavor? Link
It probably tastes like the sweat on his balls, since everyone's on his dick so much. I really hate him. Gimme John Starks any day.

Oh guess what? The Mets traded away top pitching prospect Scott Kazmir for an injured player. Kazmir has since made his Major League debut and pitched 5 shutout innings. I will now light myself on fire.

I hate how much MTV pimps itself. It's not enough to have commercials all day about the VMA's, but to dedicate the whole week to it? Jeezus. By the way? Is Dave Chappelle hosting that thing or what? I can't get a straight answer. If you know leave a comment.

Ok, I'm out!

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