Saturday, October 09, 2004

I Can Exercise You, This Can Be Your Phys Ed

Upgrade time and we're here to stay bitches!. As you can see, the Fine Print has a new layout and I want to know what you all think. If it sucks... leave a comment. If it's jumpin off with some hotness... let me know. I love to hear from all the wanna-be Donkey Punchers out there. Ok...Ok.... here we go:

The next party will definitely have some Pac-Man action goin on. ( I really love that movie, btw)

The Governor of California was was one lucky fucker back in his day. No fair... I want to cum all day! (Thanx Ebaum)

I plan on getting tickets to 3 Magic games this year, when tickets go on sale, Monday. The 2 Knicks games, and the one Denver game. These are the seats I want... I'm a get em... no doubt!

Man... Nelly really pisses me off. All this publicity and dude gets a big head. You ain't special, Nelly... make it a double-CD like everyone else! I hate him... I really do.

Einhorn, Finkle... Finkle, Einhorn... (My favorite story of the week, thanks to Hot Karl )

So the NBC show "Last Comic Standing" got cancelled with one episode left. Yeah, the live episode where the comedians find out who won. The show sucks... but that's fucked up! (Now NBC has caved and will tape a finaly episode)

Seperated at birth?

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