Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I Really Really Hate The Yankees

As we prepare for Game 7... let me take this time to thank God for actually letting the Sox make it to Game 7. But as usual... now that I'm rooting for them... expect them to lose.

With that said... let's have a lil Arod party!

Check out this play from Game 6:
"Arod out on Interference"

Muahahahaha... what a mammoth homosexual! (Not that there's anything wrong with that) Let's look at more Gayrod!

Wow... If that doesn't out him... I don't know what does. I love his reaction. Muahahahha

To make that play worse... listen to the Yankee radio call of that play. "Arod gets robbed!" (Link is fixed now)

And then you wonder why there was almost a riot? What Yankee Shills.... it's disgusting.

I will never ever root for them again! (Lord, forgive me for my 1996 sins)

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