Thursday, October 21, 2004

"Maybe I should rob somebody... then we can be like Whitney and Bobby"

Man I used to love these commercials: Terry's World & Draft Day (The Pain Train's coming baby!)

Rented SNL - Best of Tracy Morgan this past weekend. For a guy who was never really in any sketches, it's actually pretty funny. The highlight... has to be The Adventures of Astronaut Jones. It quite possibly has the greatest sketch theme song ever... watch it... trust me.

So the infamous Bangbus, Fathers of 8th Street Latinas and Captain Stabbin, are apparently perverted assholes. What a shocker! Next thing you know someone's gonna tell me that Arod is a homo! (Thanx Pickin Boogers)

Congratulations to UCF for being the Worst Football team in Division 1-A. It's good to know that Florida's highest paid coaching staff (Yes... more than FSU's) can't even get a win. Great to know my tuition increase was spent wisely.

Best $30 I'm ever gonna spend: Hollywood is Calling

So what the fuck is wrong with Blue Eagle 3 and White Dragon? Neither of those assholes have posted in like a month. I give you guys one week... or I cut you off. No more livin in the lap of luxury for you guys.

And finally... Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for actually winning. Now hopefully, they'll remember there's still a World Series to play.


JBravo said...

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