Monday, October 11, 2004

When I first met you, I admit my first thoughts was to trick...

(See these Ice Cubes....)

I dont know whether to laugh at this video or get mad that these guys have a video. It's from the Firemen, whome consist of Teck Money (TheGuy from Real World), 4-Ize (Disturbing Tha Peace), and Kahlil Gibran (of The Sixsense Foundation). But they right... white men do love them some tig bitties.

If you can't find the word "dumbass" in your dictionary... don't worry, I've got the definition right here.

34 never looked good on you anyway, dude.

Anybody remember my very first post in which I said I would watch Envy and Gigli. I finally did it.... well sorta. See... Envy was soooooo bad that I never made it through it. I tried three times, and each time I found myself asleep in less than 15 minutes. Now that's fuckin bad. I'm the fuckin guy who loved Cruel Intentions 2... so if I can't stay awake during the shit... yikes! And Gigli... what can I say about Gigli that's any good?
J-Lo is unbelievably hot in this movie. And not only that, but she's lesbo! To make you think this movie is good, Al Pacino is in it as some crazy asshole and there's a rain-man like retard. However, its not so funny... but it's definitely weird enough for you to enjoy it and not be pissed off.

It's days like today (when I'm bored as hell), that I really wish that Blue Eagle hadn't erased his homeade porn....

RIP, Kal-El (aka Christopher Reeve)

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