Tuesday, October 26, 2004

"We're Brothers... We're Happy and We're Singing and We're Colored"

With White Chicks coming out today, I decided to do you all a friggin service and show you the only scenes that are good. Now you won't have to waste your money on it. Here is the one good scene.

The funniest part of this Usher story has got to be that "Waterfalls" by TLC was playing in the background. What can I say... nigga remembered everything I taught him about a menage.

Goddamnit... my newest slut (remember my 2nd post?) got busted on SNL. I wish I had watched. Muahahhaahaha

The Award for Most Unrealistic Role Ever goes to this guy.

Wyclef Jean is a fuckin idiot.

First "Lean Back" got old... then radio played it out... then white folks killed the song. Now Red Sox fans have have taken the song from its grave, and performed necrophilic acts on it. Disgusting, I tell ya.

Wyclef Jean, I'm sorry. You've been outdone, now you're just an idiot. These guys are the fuckin idiots.

All right.... I'm out like the greasy hair escaping from Pedro's baseball cap.

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