Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Yes.... That's Lil Jon

(Am I allowed to say something about those lips?)

Announcing a new link on the sidebar... HOT KARL'S BLOG. Dude had my favorite song on NBA Live 2003 Soundtrack, "Blao", and he's a Met fan to boot. Good shit! Between him and Pickin Boogers, you guys should know everything true about Hip-hop. Now on to the posts...

Wow... thanx to Pickin Boogers for pointing this out. I'm still in shock. Gay-ass Willie on the Real World is Hector from the PBS Show, Ghostwriter! I need to start watching the show more.... how come I never noticed that?

Speaking of never noticing... I feel like a dick for not realizing that there are two "TV houses" on my block as we speak. In less than a mile in each direction I have the WB's Big Man On Campus house, and the other way I've got the VoyeurDorm. God-damnit! I need to bonin the broads around here more

Everyone keeps talking about Howard Stern's move to satellite in 2006.. It's great that he'll be uncensored and all, but does anyone remember his Pay-Per-View special a few years ago? That shit wasn't funny.... it was just crazy.

Ok... Movie Preview Time:

Blade Trinity: Trailer Looks like Darkness got himself a goatee. Not so sure If I can like it since it has Van Wilder and Jessica Biel (Who I will hate til she fuckin takes it off!)

Seed of Chucky: Trailer Goddamn! When will it end? Chucky's still a funny bastard, but this shit has got to end someday. They're driving his ass into the ground. Redman's even in the shit! I'd definitely bone Jeniffer Tilly though.

Batman Begins: Trailer You know, I really hated that they made the douche bag from Shaft & American Pshyco Batman, but maybe he's just psycho enough to pull this shit off. We will see, citizens!

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