Thursday, October 14, 2004

I'm Strictly Business Just Like EPMD...

Two choruses that I can't get out of my head right now:

Fabolous - Keepin it Gangsta Part II: G-A-N-G-S-T-A, that's how it be when you see me!
Jin (feat. Kanye West) - I Got A Love: I got a love that's better than YOU EVER WAS!

Damn, Pedro... looks like the good luck is running out.

It's about friggin time! Someone has finally listened to me, and broguth back B.A. Baracas. The A-Team movie has arrived. But they better make it right... not like this bullshit.

The best thing I came across was an article in Hot Karl's blog, that literally had me rolling. R. Kelly's Best Of Both Worlds Tour is described... and some things may shock you!

While looking for anything to post, I came across this from my old site:
I'm pretty sure all of you have played Kings Cup (the drinking game)once in your life time. Well, the boys here at The Fine Print have a friend living in Gainesville, that we call Karl Malone. One drunken night we said "fuck the rules", and came up with our own game. Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for the one, the only, Karl Malone Game! (cue theme music) Bascically, you take Kings Cup, and completely fuck up the card values. Here is what each card now means:

2 - The person across from you drinks
3 - Blue Eagle Drinks
4 - You're a whore, drink 4!
5 - Staying Alive, Drink 5!
6 - Sucking Dicks, give out 6!
7 - Upside Down Drink (Put drink behind your back and tween the legs... good luck)
8 - "Masturbate!" (Simulate masturbation, and whoever gets jizzed on drinks, haha)
9 - "9...Waterfall til you blow your mind!"
10 - Forehead Master! (You are now the thumbmaster, except with your forehead... OUCH!)
J - "You're a Mack, give 10 back!"
Q - "You're a Queen, drink 15!"
K - Karl Malone Drinks
A - Steveweiser (if cans) or Rule (bottles)
Joker - DPJ (that's me) Drinks 10 (For some reason, my deck has 4 jokers)

And finally... shout out to Nico at Medianoose. He showed The Fine Print some love when he came upon us during what he calls "BlogNurfing" . You can find his site on the links portion. Thanx for the support, man.


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